The struggles to get and use data on COVID-19 funds in Africa



This blog is part of our series of reflections on the implementation of the Covid-19 Transparency and Accountability in Africa Project

In their efforts to increase transparency and accountability (T&A) on COVID-19 funds in seven African countries, our partners have carried out extensive in-country research to assess the use of public money and uncover abuse or waste. Our partners in the Covid-19 Transparency and Accountability in Africa Project have used a shared research framework and adapted it to their own context. We reflect on the factors that have motivated shifts in how people and organizations get data, how they use it, and how they leverage it to engage folks – and what this means for future work.

Transparency and accountability in CTAP focus countries

We can begin to learn how existing transparency and accountability levels affect efforts to track public money by looking at the Africa Integrity Indicators (2021), which gives us a general sense of how the seven CTAP countries perform in transparency, accountability, and general procurement practices. Here’s what we discern:

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